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100% Hand made turkish cymbals for all music styles

Soultone CymbalsSoultone Cymbals was founded in 2003 by the legendary drummer, percussionist, and entrepreneur, Iki Levy, after struggling to address frustrations with the major cymbal manufacturers over quality issues.

“I wanted to use the best products possible, and I had the opportunities, but I was not happy with anything those companies were producing – even with my product endorsements,” reports Iki. “The blend of the metals we use is our own process that employs a balance of proper weight and tone properties. This creates the real difference between Soultone Cymbals and any other brand.”

Levy’s philosophies go beyond the sound of Soultone Cymbals and include his dedication to the up-and-coming performers as well as the established ones. “After years of supporting our drummers in the store, I developed a very simple philosophy: Treat everyone equally and with respect. After all, the beginners of today may be the legends of tomorrow,” Levy reflects, “and I am was lucky enough to have my choice of just about anything at a point when I could already afford it. I believe that our artists are our best way to build our reputation.”


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